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Blue Sea Homes can help you sell your home. If this is your case, let us comment on some of the essential aspects when selling a property. These are; the type of housing, where it is located, and the price, of special relevance in the current market.

To carry out the sales process in a way that helps us sell one more property quickly, there are a number of details that we must pay attention to. To get started, It is very important to have all the documentation related to the property, such as the deed, simple copy, copy of community receipts, IBI, etc. In this way, we will be prepared before any request made by a potential buyer.

Another very important aspect is to keep the home in the best possible condition. The image that we offer of your property to the possible buyer, is essential. as fundamental is to put your home on the market at a price in line with the current situation of the same.

At Blue Sea Inmobiliaria we will advise you in order to value your property and help you to fix the most convenient price for its sale, taking into account the aspects before mentioned. We currently have a very important client portfolio of our own, in addition to an extensive network of collaborating agents and agencies both nationally and internationally. international, with whom we share our housing portfolio, which increases exponentially the number of potential buyers who have access to your property.

At Blue Sea Real Estate we know the importance of having a good strategy for marketing and advertising, so we do not skimp on investment for this concept. of this way we ensure that our homes are available in the most important online media, in addition to the most relevant specialized magazines in the sector. Likewise, our website will include all the details related to your property. This strategy us guarantees literally thousands of visits to our properties through the media mentioned above, which translates into a currently very high number of clients who They wish to make an appointment to see them in person.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are in a position to sell your home.

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